A comparison of GYNORM to other vaginal dryness treating products

Suppositories, tablets etc Creams & gels GYNORM Why GYNORM?
Molecular weight 0 – 1 mln Da 0 – 1,5 mln Da 2 mln Da High molecular weight makes it possible to prolong the effect.
The quantity of HA in single dose 0 – 10 mg 0 – 15 mg 25 mg HA is a normal component of body tissues, so it is always well tolerated.
Hormones in composition Possibly Possibly No The product does not contain hormones – no risk of interfering with the hormonal background of the woman.
Alloys with wax, fats, glycerin in composition Possibly Possibly No The product does not contain alloys with paraffin, fats, glycerin – no risk of allergies. It does not leave any marks on bedding and underwear.
Herbal additives and flavors in composition Yes Yes No The product is hypoallergic. It does not contain herbal additives or flavors.
Marks on underwear / bedsheets Yes Yes No GYNORM is a transparent gel, therefore it does not leave any marks on the bedding and underwear.
Natural for the body Possibly Possibly Yes Natural composition of components. Convenient gel form makes distribution in the vagina rapid, providing a long – lasting hydrative effect.
Latex compatiblility Possibly Possibly Yes GYNORM is safe to use with latex condoms.
Risk of reinfection 75% 25% 0% One container – one procedure – no risk of recontamination.
Individual packing of each dose Yes Possibly Yes Each container is individually packed. Always easy to carry with while on the road or traveling, fits conveniently in any handbag.
Comfort at introduction 25% 75% 100% The conical spout allows to easily insert the container into the vagina without unnecessary manipulation, accelerating the onset of the long-awaited relief.
Ease of disposal No No Yes Individual container packaging allows hygienic disposal after use.

Thorough review of the above elicits the following advantages of GYNORM:


  • All of the components act locally and are not absorbed into systemic circulation.

  • All of the components are of high quality, time-proven and familiar to the physicians.

  • Components are physiological for the body, so the long-lasting effect comes quickly.

  • The gel does not contain flavorings and any other additives.

  • Hormone-free.

  • It does not interact with the latex.

  • No risk of re-contamination / single-dose container.


  • During 30 minutes after administration of GYNORM®, the woman will be free from the symptoms of impaired vaginal pH (irritation, burning or itching).

  • GYNORM® is a transparent gel, which leaves no marks on bedsheets and underwear.


  • The lactate buffer normalises vaginal pH, creating a favourable environment for the regenerating component (hyaluronic acid).

  • Hyaluronic acid is a well-known powerful regenerator of mucous membrane.

  • The result comes quickly and effectively due to composition of the product adjusted to women’s physiology.

  • 25 mg hyaluronic acid in one container.

  • Molecular weight of hyaluronic acid 2 mln Da – it provides the duration of action.