GYNORM is a technologically advanced, high-purity medical gel. Its high concentration of sodium hyaluronate (5 ml by volume) and high molecular weight (over 2,000,000 Daltons) make it the top choice in vaginal dryness treatment. GYNORM provides sustained relief from irritation, itching, burning and pain, without side effects.


There are 7 ready-to-use, single dose (with 5ml of vaginal gel) pre-filled containers in the package, which diminishes the possibility of mistaken use and increases the patient’s adherence to treatment. The recommended dose, therapeutically, is 5ml,1-2 times a day until the symptoms are relieved. Repeat treatment if the symptoms return, not for more than 3-4 weeks. Consult your doctor for prolonged use.

Preventively, in order to maintain the natural balance of the vagina and ideally in the context of a healthy lifestyle, 5ml once a week and one single use after the end of the menstrual period to prevent infections and vaginal dryness, as well as the symptoms accompany it.


GYNORM is indicated:

  • for atrophic and dystrophic conditions of the vagina, such as atrophic vaginitis due to menopause.

  • for vaginal dryness and its symptoms, such as itching, burning sensation, dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse).

  • for cases of vaginal dryness and associated symptoms due to frequent enema, syringe procedures and gastric disorders.

  • when taking antibiotics, antimycotics, hormones, contraceptives, etc.

  • for vaginal dryness after delivery (especially after cesarean delivery) and during lactation.

  • after gynecological surgery (such as ovarian removal).

  • when applying antiestrogen therapies, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

  • after menstruation.


  • After administration, a small volume of gel remains in the beak of the container. This has been taken into account and provision has been made for this process loss: whereas the dose is 5 ml, there is 8 ml of gel in the polymer container.

  • Allow exposition of GYNORM for at least 8 hours. After administration, the plastic container is removed and discarded.